Jurg (Rooted Wingmaker)


Digital art.

Concept art design for a joint project of an¬†illustrated novel, Rooted Wingmaker. Here’s Jurg, a dreamy “digger”, free spirit and self-taught inventor who spends too much time observing the sky. Figures, he’s the first to discover certain winged when he happens to “fall” to ground… Since he was a child he’s been fascinated by flying and, by studying birds and bats, works slowly but surely towards his ultimate goal: to be able to fly himself.


Jurg (process)

Illustration process.


Jurg - Expression sheet

Expression sheet.

Jurg - Final Art

Final art.

* Rooted Wingmaker and all of its ideas, concept and designs belong to C. Magarik and Carmen L. Seva (Clavinia).

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