Aetherion (Rooted Wingmaker)


Digital art.

Concept art design for a joint project of an illustrated novel, Rooted Wingmaker. This is Aetherion, a main character of the story, and kind of Jurg‘s opposite. He’s an important “winged” from the Great Cedar’s Clan, a OCD workaholic wearing an mask of arrogance to conceal his fears and lack of self-confidence. But he is also noble and brave enough to confront his clan’s pernicious mores… though not many are willing to hear suggestions that imply looking “down”. Winged never look down.


Aetherion - Model sheetModel sheet.


Aetherion - Expression sheet

Expression sheet.

Aetherion - Final Art

Final art.

* Rooted Wingmaker and all of its ideas, concept and designs belong to C. Magarik and Carmen L. Seva (Clavinia).

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