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Clavinia / Carmen L. Seva
Clavinia / Carmen L. Seva

"Fantasy is uni-age. You can start it in the creche, and it follows you to death." ____ Terry Pratchett

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How frequently do you update?

This site is mainly a portfolio, so I'll update whenever I finish something worth showing, and when I get the ocasion.

Why is some of your art signed with the name Magi_K / MGK?

Magi_K was my first nickname, when I was around 7 years old and chatted through mIRC, where my parents had plenty of friends of every part of Spain. I even went with them to a couple of meetups! It was almost the begining of Internet, and also the start of my passion for computers. I keep this name because I want to honor those times, and I use it for my personal work and accounts (though it's not specially original so, if you come accross a Magi_K and its variations around the web, it may or not be me!). Clavinia is for a more "profesional" approach. 

Do you work on commissions?

Not on a regular basis, but I will if I like the project and have the time to do it! As a side note, I'm used to academical research but I'm still a big noob in art matters. I have a lot to learn, and I believe working with commissions is a perfect way to improve and get some professional experience, so bring it on!

I like your character/scenario/prop X, can I use it for my project?

Please, don't. Most of my concept art works are already part of something bigger, whether it is in personal projects or for a third party. Though you're free to fanart whathever you like, I'll be really thankful if you refer to the source, so I can get credit for my work. Also, keep in mind that some of my works are shared projects, which means they don't belong only to me, and I may not know they're opinion in this matter. That said, if you're interested in sharing a creative adventure with me, please contact me with your ideas! That way you'll get your own material and be free to use it whathever you like.

What software do you usually use for digital art?

I'm a sucker for quick doodles and oekaki, so Paintool SAI is my weapon of choice for starters. I like Photoshop for the final touches and textures. Depend on the project, I will also use Illustrator, though I'm not too used to vector art.

Which software do you usually work on for 3D projects?

I've just started with 3D modeling and its related aspects, and we mainly work on Maya 2014 (sometimes Maya 2015). I'm also initiated in Mudbox, and I'm really keen on learning to sculpt in Z-Brush and afterwards use a good rethopology software.