Book cover (Rooted Wingmaker)

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Digital art.

This is a large illustration proposal for the future front and back cover of a joint project, Rooted Wingmaker (from which you may have already seen some concept art works of the main characters). It also began as a project for my editorial illustration assignment, and at first I was working with a more reduced canvas. Still, I’ve always loved those book covers with an illustration all around the book, including flaps, so it grew bigger. It was my first time painting with so much detail without inking, generating volume with colour tones. We tried to add lot of little details, hints that will prove relevant to the picture as the plot unveils itself to the reader.

I also enjoyed the mise-en-abîme that this picture let me play with. As one of the main chars is an inventor, he spends his time sketching and taking notes of elaborate formula and designs. I tried to put myself in his shoes and sketch what he would, so I could later integrate it in the digital illustration as page textures.

Cover closeups.

Pencil and charcoal sketches used as textures. 

Sketches details


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