Waiting for the sun – short April hiatus

Hi, again! How’s everything? I spent last weekend at the Salón del Manga of Alicante, and I am still recovering from it. It was great, I got to meet plenty of good friends, bought some cool Zelda and Day of Tentacles t-shirts and got to see a brief kyuudou (Japanese archery) show. I also decided this week-end to stop postponing the end of the Dragon Age Inquisition campaing and finished the game. Now I’m sort of nostalgic and homesick, like when I end a good book.

And talking about good books, I will miss Sir Terry Pratchett. A lot. He is my favourite writer and I feel an enormous connection with his characters and the way he saw life. I will always be grateful, for his words have always been a guide in the darkest times, and “no matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it” <3.

Onto less serious matters, the new anime season has started. For now, it doesn’t look too promising. I was expecting the new Arlan Senki adaptation, but it seems my favourite Spring anime will be Owari no Seraph (Seraph of the End). I love the character design and, as always, Wit Studio is a guarantee in terms of animation. Bones has also a new interesting title, Kekkai Sensen, and although I doubted I would be interested in Ore Monogatari, the first episode surprised in a very good way. I can’t say the same about DanMachi, though. I will keep watch over this season, in the little time I have left…

Because, if I wasn’t busy enough learning and working and being a new cat mother and studying the best budget for the house construction works… I have started again with Bellydancing and have a long list of real-life pending quest this month. I want to check two promising expositions (one of the Lord of the Rings, and other about a recoverd shipwreck <3), and I have a birthday to celebrate!

So I will be taking a brief rest from the portfolio this month. I need it! And I hope I can start May with great new material.

See you soon! Take care ^^

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