Summery Sumerian viruses

They’re not really Sumerians, though. I think…

Hi, people! How are you doing? I’m spending one of the oddest months of July in my life. But, now I think about it, July frequently means the end of some things and the echoes of new beginnings… so I guess it’s not that strange, is it?

I got to the end of the 3D Modeling and Animation course. I am both sad and grateful to be a little less busy. I still have works to finish, improve and perfect, and of course, I need to keep practicing a lot. But it will have to wait. So will any other creative activity. And so will my work and my initial tries to learn Javascript.

Destiny (which I don’t really believe in) decided I had been abusing Time and Space lately and that it was the moment for me to stop overclocking myself. My body entered an ambiguous viral process (because we still don’t even know for sure what got me) and I’ve been resting most of the month now. I think is sort a non-subtle reminder I have to gain some patience and take better care of myself. And, truth be told, I’ve been feeling quite guilty about it. I hate being ill, I’m just not used to it…

There’s always a bright side to everything, and this gave me the opportunity to read a lot. I started and finished all that’s been published of the Tiffany Aching saga in Discworld, and remembered how much I love and admire Sir Terry Pratchett. I’ve turned back to some music groups of my childhood too, swimming around waves of sweet and happy nostalgia. And I am also listening to myself. Unexpectedly, I’ve got interesting things to say. Besides, I’ve realized under certain circumstances I can be cheesy as hell (well, actually I doubt hell would be a good example, but you can never know…). And I feel much better now.

Actually, my body was not the only one infected by “malicious code”: this site has been granting unwelcome ad popups without me noticing until yesterday. Seems the Sweetcaptcha plugin wasn’t as safe as I though… I’m sorry for any inconvenience it may have caused (and hope it’s already solved, which I am not sure yet).

It really seems now it’s a web time for me. A couple of projects related to web development have been calling to my door. It’s not the best moment, I admit it, but I look forward to it with anticipation.

So far, these are the news. I really hope you are enjoying the summer distractions and opportunities in my place as well. Have a great time, you folks!





P.D.: And now, the weather!

P.D.2: Yes, I got hooked again to Nightvale.

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