Longer days, longest adventures!

Hi again! How are you? It took me a while but I’ve finally uploaded some animation videos I’m proud of, so I hope today’s batch can compensate the recent lack of updates ^^u. Anyway, until now June’s been filled to the brim with activities… and knowing we are about to start the Hogueras, I suspect we are going to “overclock” this month in the following weeks.

Leaving aside some stressful work sprints at the office about projects I barely knew about, we’ve really started with the house renovation (there are holes in every wall!), we’ve gotten to another level in the advanced bodymechanics class (a timed parkour exercise, gosh, that was hard…), I’ve had my first bath of 2015 at the beach (<3), and I’ve taken every chance to share my time with my friends (love you, Cocoguys and Cocogals!). We even got the opportunity to directly meet the great José Manuel Linares (3D modelling god at Halo and  Justin and the Knights of Valour) and Graham Gallagher (Rocket animator in Guardians of the Gallaxy!) at the Coco Day event! And our animation teacher, Ignacio Sastre, gave a great conference about creating indie games. I had a great and veeeery long day, that never really ended, but instead drove me to a live concert of one of my favourite Spanish bands of all my life, Celtas Cortos! They had the cool opening act of Mailers, group I’m currently listening to. Apart from discovering a new side of my city, I’ve gone hunting house appliances information, started learning Javascript for Unity, been to the cinema, reached level 40 in Heroes of the Storm… you know, a busy month. 

I’ve also made a really interesting meeting. I wasn’t expecting someone I could have so much in common suddenly popping up in my life. It’s like a sort of… “resonance” (btw, have I already said here what is my favourite anime opening of all time?). So, yeah, good discovery. And yes, if you are reading this, it’s you I’m talking about, Jan. I’m looking forward to our next adventure ;).

Oh, and Ari is delightful, as always, though she’s discovered the magic of biting my feet through the bedsheets…

Anyway, maybe it’s pretty obvious, but June has been a great month so far. There is little time left to finish with the 3D and animation classes, but I really hope we keep being a group as awesome as we currently are. I can’t possibly put into words how grateful I feel for the moment I’m currently living and the chances this year is giving me. Really, to whom it may concern: thanks!

And that’s all for now. As always, I hope you the best. Enjoy!



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