Marching on March


Hi again! Another month went by so fast I barely noticed. I had great expectations on February and, though I couldn’t progress as much as I would have liked with concept projects and my current organic 3D model (slow, with too much polygons… but surprisingly awesome for a first character try -if you ignored the unfitting “hat” and eyelid rig fail…-), I’ve been immersed in a great deal of productive areas -specially related to writing-. I spent the month re-reading and correcting some personal works and began my journey through amateur journalism in a Spanish collaborative platform. If you feel like it, I would love if you paid me a visit and checked some of my articles. Also, more visits mean I can afford some free coffee (or tea, as I don’t work on caffeine). Here’s my profile in Blasting News!

I also started another much bigger and “real” project, as I’ll be tarting up and styling my late grandparents house. We’ll try to have it habitable towards summer, so I can move there. That’s why I’ll be prioritizing job related matters (money, money, money!) and try to study and work at the same time.

On the other hand, this month has been the start of my contact with 3D animation, and I’ve realized I like it a lot. I’ve always been a great animation fan, and have a soft spot for Japanese anime and Dreamworks productions. Until know I had only studied these areas in a theoretical manner, but now I’m the one moving the threads I find it as fun as fascinating. For now we’ve only reached the “ball with legs” level, but I got mine to do some ballet steps so I feel accomplished.

Oh, and Ari is beautiful and a sweetheart, as always. I’m really glad we met!

As a closing note, I’ll keep updating the portfolio, but I may not have great pieces of work to show for now. You’ll probably get more animation exercises and digital/pencil sketches or WIP illustrations, including older works. If things go as planned, I’ll keep my promise of submitting new pics each week. Thanks for your patience!

In a nutshell, I expect this month to be at least as productive as the last one. Let’s just hope Spring comes fast and we get more of the sun’s energy; I’ll be needing it! Anyway, have a great time. See you soon!



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