New projects and meetings! Introducing Ari ♥ and EthelDREAD

Hi again! January has slipped away quickly, in a good sense. My main achievement: this portfolio is up and working, after a lot of hours of CSS3, technical support and self-learning about parking domains and redirections. I have some other projects to publish left, though. I’ll try to keep uploading things each week, new and old ones. Apart from the web progress I’ve filled this month with a lot of work (digital illustration and concept, modeling test with Z-Brush, fiction literature and anime articles correction, etc.), but also with good friends and… a new homemate!

The one in the photo is Ari (full name: Ari ‘Taiga’ Vanderhander), and she’s only 3 months old. I use this entry to confess I had been feeling really low and lost since July, when my cat Mau passed away. She was 21 and a half years old. Yes, it’s no typo, she was reeeeally old. It also means I didn’t know what was life without her. We had been together since I was five, and I consider her my sister.

After that, I’ve been reluctant to share my life with another pet, mainly because I ignored if I was going to stay in Alicante or going abroad to study/work (also, I needed time to sort my feelings, and I still have days where I miss her so much I can almost define the hole inside me). But, lately, I realized I’ll be here ‘til summer at least… and I started looking at cats for adoption, because I don’t want to waste the chance to help those in need. I even made a couple of calls, yet they had already found a loving home. And then, my friend texted me saying she had found a kitten in December, and couldn’t keep her because of her sister’s allergy. That way, Ari came to me. I’m a most skeptical person, but as I write with her, peacefully sleeping on my lap, I kind of think there was some Destiny involved in this meeting ♥. She’s so sweet and good, and follows me everywhere! You’ll probably see some comic/art about her in the future, so you’ve already been introduced :D.

Onto less personal matters, this last week I started learning some rigging basics and I found it as difficult as intriguing. In my free time (somehow rare) I’m working on a design I’d love to model in Z-brush, do the rethopology, texturize, rig and animate. Meet Etheldreda Evans (or EthelDREAD), a wicked and fearful pirate Captain. I hope I can show you more advance towards the end of this month, so stay tuned if you’re interested!

Etheldread expression chart (ink)

And that’s all for now! Have a great week and feel free to write to me if you like!


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