Hmm… Happy New Year? ^^U

…And Happy Christmas, Happy Halloween and many other events I’ve spent away from this site and from the world of art and creativity. Let’s say that, since my last post, my life started to change in a great number of ways and, like a tidal wave, washed away most of my routines and hobbies. However, said tsunami brought a dream boat to me so… no complains! ;) By the end of summer I finished my animation learning course, started working more hours and faced numerous challenges regarding my new home: most of them Ikea quests (boy, I love furniture building!), but also solving basic problems, moving my essential items and getting used to live on my own again. On the meanwhile, my ex-boss called me for a collaboration and I went back to online shops management on my free (*ironic* ha ha ha) time. On the last months I also had to deal with plenty of emotional changes, especially those regarding my relationship with Ari. As you know, we started really close and I love her to death… but she’s so used to my parents’ house that I feel bad when I take her with me to the new home. […]
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Summery Sumerian viruses

They’re not really Sumerians, though. I think… Hi, people! How are you doing? I’m spending one of the oddest months of July in my life. But, now I think about it, July frequently means the end of some things and the echoes of new beginnings… so I guess it’s not that strange, is it? I got to the end of the 3D Modeling and Animation course. I am both sad and grateful to be a little less busy. I still have works to finish, improve and perfect, and of course, I need to keep practicing a lot. But it will have to wait. So will any other creative activity. And so will my work and my initial tries to learn Javascript. Destiny (which I don’t really believe in) decided I had been abusing Time and Space lately and that it was the moment for me to stop overclocking myself. My body entered an ambiguous viral process (because we still don’t even know for sure what got me) and I’ve been resting most of the month now. I think is sort a non-subtle reminder I have to gain some patience and take better care of myself. And, truth be told, I’ve […]
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May… May I help you?

Hi again! How’s everything? The April hiatus got a little longer than expected, and I am still busy as hell. It’s been extra rough this week since I had to face a new enemy for me: allergies (and also some Spring Asthenia). I don’t have much energy left to spare, lately, and I try to spend the little free time I have away from screens and doing some kind of exercise or, at least, enjoying the fleeting diversions of my (now, finally!) sunny city in the coast. Lately we climbed to the Santa Barbara Castle to see a Tolkien exhibition, wandered around the Medieval Market beaming at the falconery majestic birds of prey, walked the sea line and the beach after an afternoon at the cinema and spent a good time reading manga next to Ari in my house’s patio. Oh, and I guess I should also admit I am kinda hooked to Heroes of the Storm. It’s my first time in a tower game and in a cooperative one, for the record -except for a couple of months I spend trying to level up a WoW hunter character-. I’m also lucky to play with my cousins and other great friends in the […]
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