Pastels, traditional animation and After Effects, 12fps.

My first animation project, for the subjects of Movement in Animation and From the Idea to the Screen, in Valencia Polytechnic University's Art Production Master Degree. We worked around the topic of holes, to compose a group piece, mixing our personal animations with a music experimental project. This is my part: Shirokuro (Black and White), obviously inspired in those magnificent zen gifs of Yin and Yang carps I like so much and Tumblr brings to me. It was a lot of work for little time, but made me realize how much I love animation, specially 2D. Even if I can't dedicate myself to it directly, I love to study it. This clip was made with a lot of drawings, without layers. If I knew then what I know now, I would have separated the background in another layer. Still, I like its plastic result.


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Shirokuro storyboard

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