Jazz Festival poster


Jazz poster sketchesDigital Art.

Tortosa’s Jazz Association publishes a contest for the poster of the new yearly festival edition. We used the latest briefing in our illustration class order to work with a real project, aiming for a professional result in very little time (although the contest had already ended and we didn’t plan to submit it). The first steps were sketching different proposals of the poster composition, element and text sizes; and afterwards, choosing the most viable option within limited time. For that reason, I decided to work in a digital support, since I’m much more familiar with digital techniques than traditional art tools. I’m fond of doodles and comic style, and that’s why this poster combines a quick solution with an innocent and friendly style. I find it’s at the same time a way to mix the homeliness of Tortosa village with the intimacy and improvisation that always follows jazz. Adding a taint of cartoon is part of the personal brand, still I think it can play a role in trying to reach a younger audience and awaken an interest for Jazz among the new generations.

Pencil sketches of initial ideas and proposals.


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