Counting the days


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* The original fanzine is in Spanish. Here’s my amateur translation.

Fanzine photo - coverDigital art. 

This is my entry to the collaborative Spanish fanzine of Valencia’s UPV Comic Club (2013-2014). We had 4 pages and a lot of freedom to chose our stories, with the only restriction that it had to relate with “time and space”. After discarding some more elaborate sci-fi ideas that would have required me more… time and space (pun intended!), I went with this quick scene.

It was my most elaborated and organized comic work until the moment, implying different deadlines for the sketches submission, inking, reviews… thought, and was given a green light since the start. I spent most of the effort with the digital inking, and quite a while too with the “colour”, in spite of using manga style patterns to shorten the process and give it more texture. It was a lot of work, but totally worth it. About the process, the first steps (concept and composition) were pencil sketches, then the biggest part of the process (more detailed sketches, canvas organization and inking) was done in Paintool SAI. I then moved to Photoshop for the last part (colour, bubbles and texts).

Fanzine cover.

Initial sketches.

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If you ever get across this fanzine in any convention and like it, please, buy it and enjoy! There are great artist participating in this issue. I’m not going to see a single cent out of this, as the money goes to the club coffers to ensure the material for the next fanzines. You’ll be helping other students to have a wonderful experience publishing for the first time, as it was my case. Thanks!

Fanzine photo - insides

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