City Inspired

Digital art.

The story behind this illustration begins a January Friday morning, in concept art class, when we went out to have some coffee (or cocoa, in my case) and observe the hurried passers-by in La Rambla (a big avenue of Alicante), while sketching their basic silhouettes. We saw lot of curious people that morning, and I grew fond of many of them, even if I could only watch them for a couple of seconds as they crossed the street. Among them, I found a very adorable elderly lady, almost invisible inside her big red coat that matched her rimmed glasses as she wandered with a lost expression. I also happened to see a happy youngster, bouncing on his heels as he pushed a wheelbarrow with cardboard boxes. It shocked me how he stretched his legs as he walked, with really long strides. 

Later, when we got back to the classroom, we were asked to chose one of the shapes we had sketched and reinterpret it in our own style, having fun with it. I couldn’t choose between those two… so I combined them. This work always makes me smile and drives me to a nice memory. 

City Inspired (sketch)

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