Da da dadaaaaaa ♪♫♬

Ey, what’s up, World? Again, it’s been a while! I just seem to remember this site when I feel the sudden urge to update my portfolio. And boy, it needs a good share of updates, starting with plugin/Wordpress updates and solutions for unwanted behavior that this website theme is giving me. But I’m not going to talk about that today. It’s obvious there are things to fix, and I have decided to take a different approach instead of patching things up. Indeed, I’ve just finished creating a very quick CV website, where now my domain redirects to, so I can have a more professional approach when giving this URL. And then, for the same reason, I plan to start submitting the projects I feel more proud of to Behance. Does this mean I am abandoning this portfolio? Nope! No more than it already is abandoned, at least. I really wish I had more time to get back to it and keep showing you here my small and personal projects. The other truth is that I have not been able to work on many personal projects lately, either, because… Guess what? I’m getting married the 14th of July! Weeeee! (Yeah, […]
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