The Jan’druid

Digital art.

Since I was a teenager I have always loved fantasy rol games and imagined my friends’ professions if we were an adventure party. Knowing that Jan also loves that kind of stories, it was just a matter of time I ended up coming up with something like this. Personally, I don’t care much about the druid figures and have never thought myself close to one, but when I asked him what would he be, he had no doubts about it (shame, I still think that a dark necromancer confined in a tall tower around old books is much more fitting to his image).

This digital art was a birthday gift for him, made using Paintool SAI for mostly everything, and Photoshop for the final touches. He has it hanging on the wall over his computer and shows it to everyone to comes visit so I think that maybe he likes it : ).

Oh, and also meet “Miraditas” (“Glimpses”), who got her name from Jan’s mom:

Jan'druid - Miraditas