Digital art.

You may have noticed (thought it is very subtle ^^U) I like pirates and the sea. Most people do, actually. Among them, my friends. Have I told you we discovered escape rooms? We do, and we have a team called “Escapiratas” (“Escapirates”). We haven’t done anything worth mentioning with it, and hardly get the chance to meet frequently to solve mysteries as much as I would love to but, hey, we have t-shirts now! We also have a logo.

Escapiratas - t-shirts

Anonymity, weee!

In case we decided to have some sort of blogging site about our experiences (ha, gullible me) or any other materials, I created solo versions as part of the present. Check them out just below.

[URIS id=547]

This illustration was also a sort of surprise for our mates H├ęctor and Isabel, and the printed t-shirts, a Christmas gift. Took me a long while to finish it, but I enjoyed it a lot. I still like the essence of the initial sketch better, but I always like sketches over final art, so I will end this post with it.

Escapiratas sketch