Agent Stork minibook


Traditional, digital art. Typography, and manual printing. 

Stork Agent - print

This minibook is part of a group project we did for the subject Illustrated Artbook. I’m not much into crafted books or manual process and I prefer the more commercial approach of graphic design, though I like the idea that every copy has its own singularities. The main reason I chose this subject was for the opportunity to work with an old Minerva press printing machine and by following a traditional process with lead types.

The topic around which we worked was curious news, that almost seem part of a parody newsletter through they’re real. I chose the story of the unfortunate stork that was captured and jailed as a spy in Egypt for bringing a GPS in its back -part of the migration control the ornithologist had planned-. It was soon returned to freedom… just to be caught again and eaten by locals in the area. This minibook is my interpretation of the article. You can read more about this story here.

Agente Cigüeña


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