Hmm… Happy New Year? ^^U

…And Happy Christmas, Happy Halloween and many other events I’ve spent away from this site and from the world of art and creativity. Let’s say that, since my last post, my life started to change in a great number of ways and, like a tidal wave, washed away most of my routines and hobbies. However, said tsunami brought a dream boat to me so… no complains! ;) By the end of summer I finished my animation learning course, started working more hours and faced numerous challenges regarding my new home: most of them Ikea quests (boy, I love furniture building!), but also solving basic problems, moving my essential items and getting used to live on my own again. On the meanwhile, my ex-boss called me for a collaboration and I went back to online shops management on my free (*ironic* ha ha ha) time. On the last months I also had to deal with plenty of emotional changes, especially those regarding my relationship with Ari. As you know, we started really close and I love her to death… but she’s so used to my parents’ house that I feel bad when I take her with me to the new home. […]
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015!

Hi, there! Hello, World! This is my first post, and my first 2015 project to be achieved in the task list: finally getting a working portfolio! Having a decent website has been one of my pretensions since a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, my choice of hosting when I was studying web design was a mistake and I’ve been having a lot of problems developping it, security issues and poor customer service. I’m a pretty picky user in terms of design too, and it’s been hard to find a responsive theme that gave me an easy access to the features I wanted, without having to spend hours getting a filtrable portfolio to work efficiently. But finally, the day has come! And what a wonderful way it is to start 2015. For those of you who knew my last site, I’ve changed the language: I’ll stick to English for almost everything. That said, I usually work in Spanish in comics and other publications, so check the translations on the text area if you don’t understand it, ok? Thanks for your patience and please excuse my mistakes writing, knowing it’s not my native language. I also changed the logo, and don’t know yet if I’ll keep it […]
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